baby quilt for my favorite baby!

{let me first say that i made this quilt summer 2010, but never wrote about it or showed it off! completely disappointed that i waited so long, i am now forcing myself to post.} one of my best friends had a gorgeous baby girl & i decided she needed a one of a kind quilt to bundle up in!

so, this was the first quilt that i sewed by myself. no help {other than "ok mom, what's next?} i've made others with my mom, but yes i can proudly say i made this quilt.

i enjoy quilting and following patterns, sometimes. but with this one, i chose to just piece and go. don't plan too much. quilting like this was so much fun because there was no pattern so there really weren't any mistakes {best part}. i also got to use a lot of random pieces of fabric. it didn't matter what size they were. just sew them together! it just works.

the back has a stripe of leftover scraps. thought this was nice for the back to be different that the front, which is so busy. & the quilting creates a diamond pattern with 3 lines.

i loved making this quilt, but it was so hard to give it away! at least i have these pictures to look back on. i think handmade gifts really do say more to the ones you love. i love you baby nia!

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