a thank you for a great break the fast.

We have some great friends who, year after year, take pity on my sweet husband and always invite us the most amazing evening. As usual, I ate way to much. I made her some hot pads for the next time. The large one will be perfect for that amazing blintz casserole. Gut yontif a day late.
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Lark's Leaving the Nest

Moving Out my Baby!

Just letting you know I am helping my daughter move into an apartment. Going to be a busy weekend. A little excited...a little blue.
She already wants to paint the walls...her mother's daughter!




The process of interpretation.

a new direction.

One of my oil paintings
Hey everyone. Been in the thought process for months about my work. thought I'd share it with you. I am currently a professional artist in Savannah. Luckily my work has always been well received. I've painted southern landscapes for years. But, last year I stopped working to take care of my mom. She passed away in November after 11 months of fighting the cancer that was taking her away. I regard that time as the most special, difficult, nurturing, loving and revealing time in my life. Would not have missed a minute, because she knew, without a doubt, how much I loved her.

Now to why I am blogging. When people ask me what started me as an artist, I say a poster contest in kindergarten. "Keep North Carolina Clean and Green - Don't Be A Litterbug". That was the first time I was recognized. I won. But now I realize something else... In all the packing unpacking and such, I have discovered memories I long forgot -quilting. My grandmother Emma, a seamstress, lived with us until I was 11. As I opened closets to pack, bits of yellows or blues would remind me of sitting with her and my mom, cutting up my dresses, and rearranging small pieces to make the most beautiful things. I remember her fragile hands sort through my outgrown hand-me-downs (the youngest sister!!!). As I recall this exposure, I realize that these simple acts are what actually shaped me as an artist. Things that I saw as domestic tasks were actually artistic processes. My grandmother and my mother were artists! Of course. And I am an artist.

Mama Grooms' Hanging Out
With this beautiful realization, all I want to do is connect through the process. My artistic drive is changing. I KNOW in me somewhere is the fruition of embracing my past and my current work. I am currently trying different things: cut fabric, cut paper, fabric and painting, collage and painting... OVERWHELMING! Because it is new to me, it is taking some reflection and many attempts.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.


Nana's way


Lark is learning how to sew the binding by hand. Much to her dismay!!! But of course that is the way my mama showed me so...  She Is so close to finishing her first quilt. She's excited about giving it as a gift to a close friend. We've been a little off schedule- rob just had his wisdom teeth out and I have been starting a Blog for my paintings. Too much at one time. We are thinking about starting her an etsy account so she can sell a few things. Did I mention that she wants to have a retail store that focuses on handmade vintage and re-purposed items.
Sounds good to me. I'd shop there. We may be a little slow this month. She starts back to school mid September. She and a fibers classmate are moving in to an apartment together and rob moved out last month. Whew! Hallelujah! Freedom.

Gulp. Gulp. I'm really gonna miss them.