nana's chairs: re-done!

Alright, I know it's been a while.... no actually a really long time! we almost went a whole YEAR without posting! I'm going to blame it on being in school and having no extra time! I am happy to finally post again, though. I've been working on some random projects at the same time, and you know what that means. Nothing ever gets finished! {Note to self: probably shouldn't do that.} But, that's me and how I work. I have to keep it interesting! Staying on one task for too long is not my style. Eventually, I finish things! Yay me! And then I get to write about it and show you guys- the fun part!

Moving into my house last fall, I had NOTHING! My living room was so bare! I took advantage of my mother's kindness and basically robbed her. I took her sofa, coffee table, rug, end tables and an assortment of little goodies. Now she was left with nothing! As you know, my nana passed away almost 2 years ago. In that horrible time, we inherited a ton of furniture and adorable, vintage knick-knacks! Perfect for making my house a home.

My mother gave me 4 wooden chairs, all different, but roughly the same size. Great for the kitchen table. I began by spraypainting them gray. {I love spraypainting my furniture. The instant gratification is amazing!}

yucky old chair, spraypainted gray

In a small, small, small amount of time, all 4 chairs were gray! Two of the chairs had upholstered seats and two had wicker seats. Now comes the time to cover those awful cushions! Mom had 8 12x12 log cabin quilt squares. She was going to use them in a quilt, but moved in a different direction, lucky for me! So, of course, I scooped them up, knowing they would be gorgeous on the chairs! I then sewed 4 together into a larger square, large enough to wrap the seat. I didn't even take off the old fabric. I stapled mine right on top. In a matter of minutes, with the help of my staple gun {WHICH I ADORE}, I had chairs that looked like I had paid A LOT of money for! So cute!

finished chairs!




My favorite part about this diy is that I used my nana's chairs. Her treasures, small and large, have decorated my entire home. I love having her spirit around me everyday!

xo, Lark