i just can't stop sewing

Another change. The bars felt busy. The albers style squares seem like a better match. Hopefully.

taking a nap

As usual. In the middle of things. Changing directions on the design.

process of the product.

We made the pledge, so I am trying to keep you a part of the process. I need to put together a back for a quilt. The front is busy, so I want to keep it minimal. The only problem is that I would like to use what I have on hand. Makes it challenging this is where I started.

Lark finishing up. Late night again.


'Baby Who's' finished quilt

Baby Who Quilt on Wassily

Well, it's Saturday night and what am I doing?... I know. Sad! But I am having so much fun doing this with Larkin. I finally got my images uploaded (of course, we had to choose a few from, say 150 or so. This small lap quilt was my first project. My stepdaughter is having her first baby...a girl. And I wanted to make this for 'Baby Who'. Did I mention that my current resolution is to make all my family members a quilt. HA. Of course the newness hasn't worn off yet. I find myself leaving my studio and going straight to my fabric stash! It's like a secret addiction. I settle in to sew and all of a sudden I am having to balance a 10 lb. fluff in my lap, cut a strip, iron a seam and sew it together...all without getting out of my chair. Ta Da!

Oh yeah, the 10 lb fluff...let me introduce you to Bella. She is our 4th dog, a rescue, the only girl and she rules the boys. And sometimes me. She is completely content as long as she is right in the middle of whatever I am doing. Taking the photos proved to be her debut to posing for the camera. She loves to sit, lay, snuggle, and/or squirm on any little fabric heap.

Don't let that sweet face fool you.


This is fun ! (and yes I washed the quilt after this)

Whew! Big job posing for mom.

Anyway, getting late. Got stuff to do (I haven't even made the bed yet... oh well, kinda a little late now).

This has been fun. I know Mom would have loved this.

xoxo Lori

my first quilt

Here it is. Took a while to figure out how to take the photo. I like this one best. Simple.


This is the beginning.....

Hello!! Let me tell you- this is exciting! The first post! So what do most people talk about? I'll just start rambling and see where it gets me. Gardenseed Blessings is a blog that my mom and I started. At the moment, we are obsessed with quilting! Ok, here's some background info. Growing up, my mom was taught how to quilt by my amazing grandmother, Jane. She recently passed in November of 2009. I wish you could have known her with her big heart and easy smile. She always said I love you. So, when starting this blog we both thought it would be awesome if we could somehow include her. The brainstorming began. "Gardenseed" was the word that my nana would say instead of cursing. She really was the sweetest thing so of course she wouldn't curse! My mom and I both knew that "gardenseed" would be in the title, but it still needed something- "gardenseed... what?" We had thought of some other options, but it didn't have that ring yet. Oh, let me add that this was at 3 am! So, after racking our brain for that special word, I just sat back and let my mind stop. "What about Gardenseed Blessings?" The second the words came out of my mouth, it was done. That was it! Gardenseed Blessings. It's sweet and southern and tributes my nana. It's perfect! Having this be the title of our blog makes me smile. Every time I say it, I get a great memory of my nana!

So with all of this said, I hope you will continue to check back! You can expect to see great photographs of amazing work. Whether it be a quilt, a dress or a scarf, you just never know with us! My mom just finished a quilt a few days ago and the pictures will be up asap! You definitely will want to see this!