it is well with my soul

I tried very hard this Christmas to make everyone's gift. Some were more successful than others. This was one of my gifts for my Mom.

When she saw it, she cried.

She cried because these are lyrics from the song, It is Well with My Soul. This song was played at her father's funeral and her sister's. It carries strong memories and touches her soul. When she hears this song, she is instantly taken back. And almost every time it is played, she cries.

So knowing that it is so meaningful to her, I thought about using it for her gift. I just didn't want it to upset her whenever she saw it. I was hoping that instead, seeing it would bring back all the amazing memories and stories, that naturally get forgotten about everyday.

In making this, I had to make some decisions. I thought it would be nice to display the lyrics in a bold, modern take since the song was so old. I liked the mix of ideas and themes. For color choices, I knew I wanted the piece to be warm. I wanted her to feel alive when she saw it. The background is natural, but the letters are metallic. I used acrylic paint for both.

I absolutely love the way this turned out. And Mom does too. We miss you, Nana, Papa and Lisa.